Recipe for a cheap DIY photography light box


  • 1x 57lt white plastic storage crate
  • 3x $6.90 lamps
  • 3x 20w fluro lights (get cool white if you can)
  • 1m cheap white satin dress material


  1. Remove stickers from crate, cut thumb
  2. Flail wildly and cut a big hole in the side of the crate with inappropriate tools
  3. Lay the white material smoothly along the base and up the back of the box
  4. Assemble the lamps
  5. Put one lamp on top, one each side all pointing inside
  6. Shoot, adjusting settings to taste.

Given that this was setup on top of a bookshelf I couldn’t get my tripod setup nor could I move things around enough, so there’s a little shake blah blah. I’m happy with it so far - given it cost less than $50 🙂

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