Werribee Open Range Zoo Open Vehicle Adventure Pt 3 – Giraffes!

Giraffes! Tall, nervous and spotty. The only creature humans keep in captivity that lasts LESS time than in the wild. Something about how nervous they are in general.

I’m fairly sure this one’s called Ajali. Either way, he seemed really inquisitive when we arrived. As you can see, he even had a lick of the antenna. The guide said that every time they have a hire vehicle in the enclosure - when one of theirs breaks down - the giraffes will steal (or try to) the antenna in short order 🙂

Tasty looking vine…Tasty looking vine…

Nom Nom NomNom Nom Nom

Don’t cross the streams, man!Don’t cross the streams, man!

It must have been man love thursday…It must have been man love thursday…

All of the Giraffes at Werribee are males, but that doesn’t stop them from sampling each other’s urine (yes, it happened while we were there) to check their gender. Kinda weird, but … it’s an animal thing.

Is this my good side?Is this my good side?


Oh hai!Oh hai!

After we’d been sitting there watching them for a short time it seems that the Giraffes found us non-threatening and just wandered around us. They kept trying to pick up sticks off the ground, which was an incredibly ungainly looking act for such a creature 🙂

Gumby when it comes to ground level…Gumby when it comes to ground level…

After watching the Rhinos and Zebras for a while we circled around to get closer to their eldest Giraffe, Kinta. He’s over 5.5m tall, and even though he didn’t get up from his resting place (a pile of Rhino poop) he was an amazingly tall gentleman.

A couple of years old and five and a half meters tallA couple of years old and five and a half meters tall

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