Werribee Open Range Zoo Open Vehicle Adventure Pt 2

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Next up were the Rhinos, which the guide described as just like big puppies, who like to come and say hello to new visitors. Thankfully this guy didn’t decide to come and play, because a tonne and a half of snuggly puppy makes for quite a dented truck.

Rhino Male

Rhino Guy and his Zebra Friend

His lady friends were enjoying the warmth of the early morning sun and just wanted to laze around so we let them. 🙂

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There were also some more Zebras, but I don’t think they appreciated us being there - all we got to see was their behind the whole time. 🙁

Zebra butts!

Antelopes are tough guys. I can’t remember (or find) which ones these are in particular, but they’re the heaviest of all the antelopes and two of them decided to have a bit of a biff to find out who was the toughest. It seems the reigning buck kept his crown with no major injuries this day!

Ready, set…

Butting Heads

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