Online shopping can save you money…

… especially when you don’t have to walk past the cabinet offering Canon 50D bodies for $399.

My long suffering 350D has given me some hilariously reliable service and has some great bumps and scratches on it, but seeing that price today really sold me on upgrading it. I did actually walk away, going away for exactly two and a half hours before rushing back to secure a shiny new-ish toy.

My (new) precious…My (new) precious… marks around the flash are just finger-dust.

QPS have gone through a hardware refresh, so Photo Continental has a number of these (and some disgustingly hard to ignore 5D’s for $1100ish) for sale second hand. They all look… not brand new… but are in extremely good condition. According to the sales staff they’ve been checked by all the technical people they can find and they’re happy to sell them with a warranty, so that’s good enough for me. 🙂

The 90 day warranty was definitely a big selling point - supposedly if it starts being a pile of junk before mid-May I’ll be able to take it back to get repaired or some such thing. Having the 350d on hand will allow me to become one of those photo-jerks that walks around with two cameras to be ready for anything … or some such crap.

Anyway, I’ve wanted a Canon n*10D for a while, having lusted over a variety of them over the years, so I finally get to play with my own 🙂

It’s not goodbye, you’re just not my favourite anymoreIt’s not goodbye, you’re just not my favourite anymore!

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