The Parking Fairy

Fairies are a common theme in many cultures, they come in infinite shapes and sizes. They delight in bringing good will or bad times to people for many reasons - and sometimes no reason at all!

Many small children are taught to believe in the Tooth Fairy, that wonderful little pixie that trades calcium deposits for change. Invoked by leaving a tooth under your pillow or beside your bed when you sleep, you’ll wake to a gift and the removal of the bad seed that lived in your mouth.

My best friend thinks she has her own personal fairy called Fatima the F*ck you fairy. She’s invoked by attempting to succeed at a task, and invariably finds a way to cause trouble - as one would imagine from her name.

As usual, I digress. You’re here, on this page, to hear about the Parking Fairy. She’s a delightful lass, bringing the blessing of a place to park when you need it. Sometimes it’ll be that last spot right at the end of the lot on Christmas Eve, other times she’ll feel particularly generous and grant you a spot outside the door on a rainy day. Either way, she’s generally benevolent.

Invocation of her power can come in many forms - sometimes she’ll just be hanging around and grant you a favour - other times you’ll need to sing for your supper. I find myself singing the tune in my head as I enter her domain, as a way of showing my respect, and she generally smiles on me with haste.

It’s a fairly simple stanza, one that came to me floating on a meme one day:

Parking fairy please help me,

Parking fairy one two three,

Parking fairy shmarking fairy,

Parking fairy please help me!

Repeat that a few times and she’ll generally play nice 🙂

An urban parking fairy - nastiaosipovastock

P.S. Don’t mistake my use of the word meme for the eponymous “stick words over an image” abominations. Memes have many many ways of being transmitted - I like to think this one came on a photon - just as Terry Pratchett described them.

#Carpark Etiquette #Folklore