The road to Tough Mudder

So, the xmas period is over, with the requisite gorging oneself on food and drink. I don’t have a set of scales so I can’t punish myself with the thought of weight gain - good!

Walked over 10km yesterday, it took about two hours, exactly what google maps said it should (seeing as I spend half the time stopping to SMS people, :))). I took my 5kg red ball with me, certainly is a good way to work the wrists and hands, I was sore as crap by midnight.

The route was out past the Carina church, around the duck pond (this side) then up to the graffiti walkway, back past Bunnings and along creek road. Got distracted by conversation on my phone and walked a lot further than I meant to :S

Am I going to keel over and die during the event? If I don’t get some better shoes, definitely. I’ve worked out that they’re definitely not wide enough, if I go sock=less they’re much better. Thin socks are just barely doable.

That’s enough muttering for now 😀

#Tough Mudder 2013