Tough Mudder Brisbane 2013. 245 days and counting.

245 Days

Tough Mudder. Going by the stories, it really does live up to its name. 20km course, insane obstacles, lots of crazy people.

What could possibly go wrong?

I’ve got 245 days to go from thirty-year-old rapidly-expanding-everything geek to someone that can survive this event. Did I mention it’s on my birthday next year?

Happy birthday me!

Today was my first “official” exercise attempt, going for a power walk until I got bored with it. I’d say “until it hurt” but that lasted until about 200 meters, the first time I tried to jog. Suffice to say, my ankles and shins said no to that in short order. So I kept walking, at what one would call a brisk pace. I tried a few times to jog, but ~120kg and historically terrible joints don’t go well.

According to google maps I did about 8.5km, roughly 42% of the average Mudder course. I can’t remember how long it took, but the big G says walking it should take about 1hr 45, so that sounds about right.

My big toes hurt like mad, my calves are definitely going to remind me of this in the morning, and 245 days seems like an interesting number at this point.

Will it be enough?

She’ll be right 🙂

#Tough Mudder 2013