Getting your Category A/B Licence in Queensland

Cat A/B licences in Queensland cover you for the commonly available Rifles and Shotguns that most people buy. The process is fairly simple (compared to Handguns/Category H firearms) but requires a touch of patience.

  1. You will need a genuine reason to obtain a Category A & B Firearms Licence. If you become a Member of S.S.A.A. you can then list your genuine reason as Sports & Target Shooting and Recreation & Hunting, as they are an approved body prescribed under the law. Join the club by either filling out the paperwork online or visiting an SSAA range. There are many other organisations available which can give you eligibility, but that’s outside the scope of this article.
  2. Contact the local range (Belmont details here) and book in for a 30655QLD Weapons Act Safety Course. There’s also other trainers who can deliver this course, including private training and security organisations.

  • When you have completed your Safety Course they will supply you a ‘Statement of Attainment‘. This is your proof that you have successfully completed the Safety Course. A copy of this will be needed when you apply for your licence.

  • While you are waiting for your paperwork to arrive go to your nearest photo shop and have 2 passport size photos taken, as these will have to be supplied with your application.

  • When you have everything you need go to you can now apply for our licence online - click here for the application process.

  • There’s a legislated 28 day MINIMUM wait for licencing, be patient!

  • Once you’ve started the process, it’s time to buy your firearm! You can start the process before your licence is issued.


    Costs as at 3/12/2012:

    • Licence application (payable to QPol) $85.25 - lasts 5 years
    • SSAA Membership $78 - yearly
    • Safety Course  $75ish? (need to confirm with the local branch)
    All information on this page is as per my understanding only. Also it only applies to those who are bound by the Queensland Act and or RegulationsE&OEIANAL etc.

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