Windows 7 Enterprise – Explorer not loading under RunAs command

This will stop the mechanism that launches explorer.exe from always launching it as the current interactive user - which can cause all sorts of weird issues.

Run the registry editor as administrator and edit the below key:




You will likely have to take ownership of that registry key before you can modify it, as by default, only TrustedInstaller can modify it.

  1. Right click on the folder,
  2. click permissions.
  3. Click on “advanced” and then the owner tab.
  4. Click your name/something you have security access to and tick the “Replace all child objects…” box.
  5. Click apply and then you should be good to go.

This might need a reboot or two. If you get a box like the below and you work with me, you’re in the wrong OU. Other people - group policy might be broken.

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