Ruger Charger in Nordic Components AR-22 Stock

This is how it looks currently, with a chinese-copy EOTech and some Magpul MBUS' front and rear. The hand grip is an airsoft 4″ long one, which looks much less out of place than the alternatives, which are 7″ or so, and would cover the barrel.

It shoots incredibly well, seeing as it weighs a couple of KG’s (exact weight to come) and it’s only shooting 22LR 🙂

There’s only one real problem so far, it’s too big to fit in the standard case (just under 65cm long with the stock adjusted to its shortest) … I kinda dropped it going to the range the first time, dinging up the side of the barrel and the red dot. Luckily the crown avoided any damage, so it still shoots nice and straight.

A small amount of cold blue should fix that right up 🙂

All in all it’s a hell of a lot of fun. I’ll get more pictures and information up as I can get through them, there’s not enough information out about this awesome kit on the web.

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