Form 4473 overlay – interesting idea

In Queensland we have the PTA, and in America they’ve got the Form 4473. Both do similar things - keep a record of firearms transactions. The American National Shooting Sports Foundation has produced an overlay for this form, which makes it easier for people to complete the form correctly.

They’ve just released a new version of the overlay which suits the newly updated version of the form 4473 in the United States.

I wonder if this is something that could be useful for Queensland firearms dealers? I suppose there aren’t that many, so they’ll be proficient in helping people complete their Form 28’s. Something to think about anyhow.

Upon further research the ATF has also released a digital version of the 4473 as an application which works on both Windows and Mac OSX machines - check it out here. If the ATF can get themselves together for such things, maybe I can convince my bosses to do something similar for all our internal crazy paperwork!

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