HTC One X Flickering Fix available on Optus

I posted recently about the fact that HTC had released a software update that they believed would fix the flickering issues that most HTC One X owners are experiencing. The update’s been available in Europe for a while, but Oceanic users have been waiting for it to be released OTA.

I woke this morning to an exciting sight (living by myself, I’m easy to please):

Of course, I rushed to update it in my bleary state at this time on a Saturday morning 🙂

After a few minutes running the update, then a boot and “Software Optimise” cycle, the 1.29.980.11 update was installed!

As mentioned in previous posts and the thread on XDA, there will be a time of flickering until the software works out what the best voltage is to use on the screen. I’d love to know how it does this, but I’m not worried as long as it works 🙂

If you’re an Australian HTC One X owner, and you haven’t gotten the notification to update from 1.28.x.x, go into the Settings, then “About” at the very bottom, then click on “Software Updates”. You will be presented with the following screen:

Click on “Check now” and if the updates is available for your provider (I can’t comment for anyone but Optus users), you’ll be able to download an install the latest version.

A screenshot of the software information screen is shown below for those interested in the new version’s details:

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