Flowfold Tarjetero Review

I’ve had my I’ve had my for a few months now, and I’m loving it. It’s been through some seriously wet days on my motorbike, dumped into the sink for fun and generally bashed around. When I replaced my oversized Oakley wallet with the billfold, I dumped quite a lot of extra membership/loyalty cards into a pocket on my bag. I’ve been looking for a simple card holder since then - who wants things floating around in your bag - and recently I found my first test subject.

The Flowfold Tarjetero in “Sandstorm” colourway. 

They come in other colours too, but this was a nice compliment to the wallet. As one would expect with a product like this, it’s quite simple. A fold of material sewn into a sleeve, with some edging applied to stop it fraying. This simplicity must be executed properly, and in this case it is. It’s the perfect size for the ten or so credit-card-sized items that I am storing in it, and holds them well while still allowing a little bit of gape to get cards back out.

Flowfold’s ordering and shipping is simple and fast. I’m based in Australia and it was shipped to me in under ten days via normal post. $6 for the item, $2 for shipping - who could say no? I’ve seen upwards of $50 for similar items, just because they have swanky brand names on them and similar. Crazy.

Not much else to say about this item, other than “if you’re looking for a simple, hard wearing and good looking card holder, use this one!”

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