EDC May 2012

  1. 13″ Macbook
  2. Chrome Metropolis
  3. Microsoft mouse (cheap and unkillable)
  4. 2x Apple Power Supplies
  5. Glasses
  6. 2m Network Cable
  7. Medical Supplies in a Voodoo Tactical EMT pouch (Prescription and OTC painkillers and other meds, zipties, eye wash, splinter rippers )
  8. Chrome pouch (holds Canon IXUS115HS point ‘n shoot)
  9. Loyalty and ID cards for shooting/other sports
  10. Zebra & Pilot pen, postits
  11. USB->RS232 cable
  12. USB-A -> mini-usb cable
  13. Minidisplayport->HDMI cable
  14. Fisherman’s friends (nom)
  15. USB Flash drive(s) - at least two and some velcro cable tie
  16. iPod classic 120gb
  17. Flowfold Black Pearl billfold
  18. HTC One X
  19. Chrome utility pouch - for cables
  20. APC RS232->2.5mm Serial cables
  21. Apple usb cable
  22. Samsung USB->MicroUSB cable
  23. APC Rack key
  24. Leatherman wave
  25. LED Lenser V6
  26. Wenger NewRanger 63
  27. Riverbed orange screwdriver ‘o doom
  28. Gerber “why do you carry that?!?!!” knife a friend brought back from the sandy place

I’m 6’9″ tall and carry a lot, but it looks like a little bag on me and I use it most every day. Am working on perfecting it by shrinking number/size/weight of tools, while keeping the quality and utility of them high. Also, I’m hard on my stuff 🙂

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