HTC One X Second handset

Another day, another update. I’ve received my first replacement phone (yes, I get the feeling it won’t be the only one I have in this two year contract), but as yet the software update I mention here is not forthcoming on the Optus network.

It’s only been about 30 hours and there’s no flickering as yet. There seems to be a single stuck-on  red pixel in the “top” of the screen which comes and goes, hopefully it’s just some weirdness. The warranty conditions mention it has to be at least three pixels before they’ll do anything about it.

If only there was a truly technical group in your mobile phone provider that you could contact regarding these sorts of things - “when are you going to release the next update”, “can I please have access to your usage data api for more user-friendly apps” etc.

I’d ponder out loud the idea of business customers getting information and access, but from my knowledge of Optus and Telstra, that’s definitely not forthcoming regardless of how much money you throw at them. It’s the modern age, internet companies and other providers make the information available - why not telcos?

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