Plinky questions of the week

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Do you support same-sex marriage?

I don’t see why not - to me it’s just a mutual acknowledgement of their relationship, and also has a legal framework behind it for dealing with things like death of a partner and things like that. Also, it reduces the welfare burden for countries with it, because two lesbians with children in a house would be able to each claim single mothers' allowances.

Primary school would be the easy one - there was probably a ten year gap between when I left and when I came back. Going from about 5'10” tall to nearly a foot taller made interacting with the environment very different. Swinging from the walkway crossbeams used to be fantastic fun, running along and flinging myself like Tarzan. These days, were I to try it I’d be grazing my knees!

Creative inspiration? I’m one of  the least “creative” types I can think of. The internet’s terribly inspiring for various things, or Bunnings if I’m looking for a creative solution to a physical problem. I like just wandering around and peering at the various bits and bolts and tubes and lights.

A story about someone I admire? Live a full day with RMB and you’ll get all the story you need. She’s such an amazing woman on so many levels.

Yes, but only if they want to. The nature of people tends to stay the same, but they can learn new ways of embracing it and or showing it. My vocabulary’s leaning more towards being able to express myself better, while my handling of rage-inducing events is tempered by experience and resignation.

Scrambled for sure, light and fluffy and homogenous and you can turn them into bricks! I don’t like fried eggs, they tend to be either sloppy or just too hard, while poached seem to be a little soggy for my liking.

A big Queenslander-style house, with large open spaces, big verandahs, that kind of thing on a giant property with lots of different biomes to play in. If it was in the city I’d go a big warehouse made of prefab concrete panels, with a suspended level for eat/sleep/groom, another level for living and playing with stuff, and the ground level would be cars/garage/big machines.

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