A small setback.

Well, I’ve had my HTC One X less than five days now, and I’ve already had to return it. The screen flickering issue that’s heavily documented on XDA-Developers has gotten too annoying and I need to start documenting my displeasure with HTC and Optus.

Basically there’s an issue with certain colour types/images where there will be a subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) flickering of the brightness on that section of the screen. At times it looks like the drivers for the graphics hardware don’t seem to support an opacity overlay (it’ll happen on dimmed screens/gradients) but others it’s just on sprite graphics so I’m not sure.

I’ve only once seen the greenish tinted screen corruption that many people are having in videos on youtube and other places - mine it was the band across the top that holds the address bar/icons for the browser. Only happened for a second or two, and re-orienting the phone fixed it.

The phone’s been wiped and delivered to the Carindale store this afternoon, hopefully it won’t be the full two weeks they’re quoting me for a replacement devices…

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