First go with a DE Razor

I got my Lord L6 razor today, and couldn’t wait to try it out. It’s my first non-cartridge razor, bought cheaply on /r/Wicked_Edge‘s good opinion among others.

I don’t have my shaving brush yet, the only missing active piece from my kit - I need to get/make a stand for my brush & razor in good time. I did my usual dodgy trick, improvisation, and just rubbed the Palmolive shave stick roughly on my face in the shower and gave it a good smoosh around to get a light lather up.

A lot of reading has been done, so I knew to look/listen/feel for the right angle, and I seem to have figured out a few different ways to guide the razor to avoid hacking my face off. The “gently gently” approach was my aim, with little pressure being applied. I was using a BlueBird razor blade, which I got free with the razor. It’s nice, but I can tell it’s not as sharp as some others I’ve been peering at since receiving my goodies.

I only really got one part of my face smooth, that little soul-patch area below my bottom lip. It’s beautifully smooth though, which feels divine. The rest of my face is shaved on par with a normal cartridge shave when I’m being lazy, with certain parts being better more out of luck than anything else.

All in all, it was rather terrifying at first, but I can see this being a delightful part of my man-scaping routine, just like I’ve heard so much about.

So, what to do with a bunch of left over Gillette cartridges that no one should ever want?

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