Flowfold Billfold Wallet Review

I was cruising WalletsWeLove the other day after being introduced to it by a friend. Wallets and bags are very similar, and I seem to be obsessed with finding the perfect one for any given application I can dream up.

The perfect wallet for me is incredibly thin, ideally it would take up no more space than the items it holds, but still have a relatively simple billfold shape. I don’t like money clips (they’re ungainly) and can’t see the point of having more than one space for bills, let alone all that extra material and bulk for a trifold.

Their review of the Flowfold Billfold showed it looked to be a perfect fit for my needs - light, low profile and minimalistic. Flowfold makes all their products out of scrap material from racing yacht sails, making use of material that would usually go into the waste system. It’d be the first non-leather wallet I’d had in a very long time - but I couldn’t resist!

Cruising the site I found the Black Pearl Billfold. A nice simple, understated colour scheme with just the features I wanted. Ordering it was a snap - their cart is user friendly and only has a few steps.

Only eleven days later, I’d already forgotten about ordering it, but was surprised to find a simple yellow letter-sized envelope arrive on my desk at work. There’s something to be said for this minimalist attitude to postage -  HP and Cisco have been sending me CD’s and usb drives in boxes big enough to ship computers in lately.

It’s a simple design - a single area for bills, and four slots for cards. As an indication of overall size, Australian bills sit just above the lip of the fabric edging, making it a relatively small wallet.

Two card slots are 3/4 sized, allowing easy access, and the other two are full length holding cards away. The card slots are sized nicely, easily allowing two or three cards stacked per slot.

The only downsize I’ve found to it is that the corners are hot-melted to seal the fibres, reducing bulk but adding small sharp points to some of the parts. I’m sure these will rub off quickly with use, but it’s scratchy! 🙂

All in all it’s a nice wallet from first glance, and I’ll update with another post in a few months depending on how everything goes. Highly recommended so far!

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