HP DC7800 with NVS300 on Windows 7

If you install an NVS300 supplied by HP it’ll disable the onboard SoundMAX hardware because there’s a sound device built into the video card.

I tried a lot of things, including nVidia’s downloadable driversHP’s drivers and a few other options but eventually found it was a BIOS setting issue.

  • Go into the BIOS (F10 on startup)

  • Scroll across to Advanced

  • Select PCI Devices

  • Once you’re in there, you’ll see the following:

  • The trick is to press the Page Down key and you’ll get to see the second set of PCI Devices:

  • Scroll down to nVidia HD Audio device and hit one of the arrow keys until it says Disable

  • F10 to accept, scroll across to File and save/accept settings.

  • Boot back up and you’ll have your default sound device back!

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