BBQ Gamer Grub Review

May I present… Gamer grub. I wasn’t sure what to expect when buying a packet from MilSims.. and I’m glad I didn’t set my expectations too high!

From the back of the pack:

15 browser tabs, 11 apps, voice chat and two games running. We couldn’t find a snack that could keep up… so, we made our own. Gamer Grub (R) is a delicious performance snack packed with essential vitamins and neurotransmitters to keep you focused and quick. Just ‘Tear N Tilt' into a pack of Gamer Grub (R) to multi-task and game… no greasy fingers.

Exhibit a:

Gamer GrubGamer Grub

Enriched with Neurotransmitters + Vitamins - I think that’s just what comes for free with the nuts and the toffee, but hey, I’ll believe anything they want to tell me if I’m looking for snacks 🙂

Information lacking from the packaging include the health benefits, but there’s not really any. It’s full of fat and sugar and salt, but pretty tasty and definitely lacking in grease… assuming you use the “Tear N Tilt” packaging!

It’s possibly the worst colour scheme on a packet when you actually see it in the daylight, being pure safety-glow orange and a light grey, but I guess the idea is to look “BBQ” and not readable.

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