127 Hours

So, I finally got to see the movie 127 Hours. I’ve been meaning to watch it for a while, but movie-time at home’s been scarce and convincing RMB to watch it with me even harder. After finishing the first season of Revenge - hopefully there will be a second - we were completely out of things to watch, so I just hit go on the first thing in the “Incoming” list.

Most people should know the story by now, it’s about a guy who goes off by himself rock climbing/hopping, and ends up with his arm jammed in said rocks. 127 hours later, he’s freed by the inventive use of hallucinations and a pocket knife.

It’s a gripping tale, with a nice build up showing what went wrong in his planning, and introducing you to him as a character as he meets up with two people along the way. He’s the usual mid-20’s happy go lucky guy, overconfident and fit.

The movie’s a bit like Titanic, where you know roughly what’s going to happen in the end and spend a couple of hours waiting for how the director will put it all together. The cinematography’s fantastic, with flashbacks and flash-forwards, snippets of what we’ve seen and hallucinations of what could happen.

We spent the whole movie sitting there going oh my god do x differently! I guess that’s what most people would, and I had another_Requiem for a Dream_ flashback while he’s doing the deed toward the end. Squeamish people, stay away. But I guess you’d know that 🙂

All in all, a fantastic tale with some great messages:

  • Buy good gear
  • Tell someone you’re going
  • Take someone with you
  • Go home with the cute girls

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