Adding a new node to Puppet

A quick way to add a new node to a Puppet-managed system is as follows… (I run Ubuntu, but this should work on most systems)

On the new node, run this:

sudo puppetd --test --waitforcert 5

On the puppet server, run this (in a separate window, without closing the previous command):

sudo puppetca --list

It should show the hostname of the new node you’re trying to add, if you find it run the following:

sudo puppetca --sign [hostname]

Where [hostname] is the full hostname of the new node as listed in the previous command.

If it’s not showing up properly, you’ll need to fix your DNS issues - clearing out the mess of the miss-targeted request is a topic for another post/link.

Once you’ve signed the request, it’ll take another 5 seconds or so and the node will get its certificate and go through with the first run through.

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