Ranty MacRant

You really have to worry when reading a site called MacStories, and of all the posts in the last three or four days, there’s only two posts which aren’t about iP(a/o)ds.

Where’s the mac? I’m not a terrible Apple fanboi, but I do like OSX, and my Classic iPod. I’m not entirely sold on the iPod shuffle that I got given, but it’s little and free, so I’ll use it for running. But when I go to a site called MAC STORIES, give me stories about macs. You suck site, die.

I do, however, despise iPhones. No back button? Fuck off and die. I’ve tried and tried and tried and tried, but just can’t get around the fact that if I hit that stupid single button down the bottom, I’m quitting.

If you want to yell and scream when you read that last paragraph, go into the App Store, search for something and then get back to the previous screen without previewing an app. You can’t. It’s impossible. The keyboard won’t fuck off and you have to go preview an app before you can get to a back button. This is in an Apple Core App, let alone the myriad of other terribly-designed apps on the market that I’ve seen.

Steve, you had a good idea, but I think you failed on this front by refusing to accept that there might be a better way. Give me a back button and I’ll raise you from the dead. Your “single button” interface failed when you added volume buttons, and a dedicated switch for silent. Then there’s the power button. That’s five! Not one.

Sigh. End Rant.

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