Out with the old, in with the new.

So.. hi.

Fuck explaining why I haven’t posted for a long time, just post it yale.

OK. So I went to the Powderfinger Sunsets Tour concert on 05/09/10 at the Brisbane Riverstage. It was amazing. It was emotional, I cried, I got soaked with rain, and I had a lot of fun seeing a band that I’d always enjoyed and I never thought I’d have a chance to see again - seeing as they are doing their farewell tour.

Another thing happened that night, my faithful wallet of the last couple of years got utterly soaked. I hate looking for wallets, they’re horribly personal things that are hard to find replacements for because you get used to the bumps and curves of the one you have.

Since it was a black leather wallet it was pretty much destroyed by getting soaked, so I ended up going hobo-chic style for a few weeks. This was done by grabbing only the bare minimum of cards and my usual amount of notes and sticking it in a bulldog clip. Problem solved! It was minimalist and easy to use.

I finally found a new wallet after giving up and trying an Oakley store of all places. Hugo Boss had a nice one, but for $300 they can stick it up their ass.

Link to the new one here.

Yes, I gave up on this post half way through. don’t care.

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