Too many mind.

I just had one of the best rides in the wet since my first night on the bike. I basically said to myself “shut the fuck up and ride” and did so. I loosened my typical vice-tight grip on the bars, tightened up my knees like one should on the bike and just rode it smooth. Remembering to think less about the fact that I had a bit of water on my visor and just watching the road was a good thing too.

I’ve been fearful of the wet because I don’t like the feeling of the bike being unstable under me. It reminds me too much of the feeling of the bike going down while heralding a expensive, annoying and boring couple of weeks.

Tonight it didn’t slip or shudder, sailing along as smooth as silk. I kept my speed to under about fifty and I was doing not much above walking speed for some of the corners, but it was smooth and that’s what matters.

Good times, now all I need to do is work on trusting the bike.

And convincing a mechanic I trust to service the engine and suspension.

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