The job market shits me

You heard it here. It shits me. It seems that with my weird and wonderful assortment of experience and skills that I don’t actually fit into any box they have, so I can’t get a job and I’m stuck in pizzaVille.


I’m going to start applying for slightly-less-smelling-like-garlic shitkicker jobs, prodding more people at random and hoping for the best. This hasn’t worked so far, but others are saying to keep doing it, so on with the poking.

In other news, I’m looking for a business to start. There’s a couple of ideas, but most of them involve knowledge I don’t have, working with other people or saving up (or spending some of my recent insurance payout which should go on a car) to buy equipment.

Uh, google reader is interesting. I’m going to try it out for a while, never really got the hang of feed reader programs because I couldn’t find a good online one. I live on at least two different PC’s, so a a local program doesn’t work unless it syncs somehow - yeah, right.

I’ll probably keep quiet about my plans for businesses so you sneaky bastards on the internet don’t steal them, but once things are going I’ll try to document as much of my (hopefully) success story as I can 🙂

That’s enough for me now, bye 🙂

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