I love tech support

Here’s my current fun with a certain unnamed hosting provider. Feel free to traceroute this site’s domain name if you want to know which one.

me: “please do this specific thing to twenty domains.”

them: “ok, like this?”

me: “no, do it how I asked!”

them: “oh dear, we need someone smarter… I’ll send the request somewhere else”

[ 24 hours goes past ]

me: “hello?”

them: “sorry, ok, done”

me: “but you didn’t do it, and I had to create a new ticket to ask you to do it again, properly!”

them: “ok, done… I checked two.”

me: “… out of twenty? I’ll do it myself. DO NOT BREAK ANYTHING ELSE”

This may be slightly paraphrased, but it’s taken three days to go backwards on where I was at the start, and realise I should have just done it myself the first time.

#dns #domains #fail