My first two-wheeled lube job

So, I’m going down the route of trying to make motorcycling the cheapest I can. I’m planning on doing as much repair and maintenance as I can, so that includes things like adjustments of controls, and oil & filter replacements πŸ™‚

A couple of days ago I adjusted the throttle free-play, something that’d been plaguing me since I got the bike. It had about 1/8th of a turn of play :S

I also plastic-welded the fairings back together, which made me happy in my pants to see the bike not rattling and ripping itself apart…

Today’s work included a replacement of the oil filter and the oil in the bike. I hope to do it every six to ten thousand K’s with the oil I’m using and the bike that I have. I chose to use Motul 5100 semi-synth as it’s under sixty bucks for four litres and has good reviews on a few sites. The oil filter was easy to get - a Ryco Z411 from SuperCheap Auto for a massive twelve dollars.

The job wasn’t hard to do - I’m getting good at taking the lower fairings off πŸ™‚ Once I worked out how to take the oil cooler off without having to replace the seals on the hoses, I dropped the oil and got the filter off. I was worried if the filter would fit, as I’d read only found a vague reference to a non-standard one on a forum posting. Uh, it did, huzzah. If you want a cheap and good ZZR600 oil filter, get a Z411. I’m thinking I might try to find a highflow one later, and will take a look at things when I can. Until then, the filter designed for a much larger motor should be fine πŸ˜‰

The rest of the job was pretty easy, topping up the oil and making sure I didn’t get it all over the place. 3.6lt of oil later, and the job was done πŸ™‚

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