I bought boots!

Being 6'9″ tall with size fifteen-ish shoes makes it interesting to buy shoes at the best of times. It’s basically “what have you got? I’ll take it!” for dress shoes and joggers it’s “what do you have that’s not a basketball shoe? I’ll take it!”

Searching for motorcycle gear’s been a challenge, because it’s specialised and they don’t sell that much. I’ve found three pairs of boots that fit, and only two that fit comfortably without plans to take them to a bootmaker. Both of them are made by RJays and the ones I bought todays are their “Edge” model in a UK size 48.

I got ‘em from Springwood Suzuki for the sum of $229 or so. Don’t ask me to be specific because I’m too lazy to go find the receipt. It’s a good price, since the Sidi’s that didn’t fit me (too skinny, those girly Italian feet) were at least twice the price. But they had more shiny bits and toe vents and things. Eww. Give me boots that protect me from going smoosh, and don’t fall apart. Thanks.

I also found some leather pants that fit me, but that’s a post for tomorrow or something.

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