Why I shouldn’t trust salespeople.

I really should know better than to trust sales people, I keep getting messed around, but I go back for more. 🙁 This was a conversation I had with one of the reps at The Planet tonight.

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You have been connected to Brian J.

  • Brian J: Hello, how may I help you?
  • Customer: Hi, I was just wondering what the different backup solutions offered with the dedicated servers actually were
  • Customer: you list network backup or discsync, what’s the difference?
  • Brian J: Disksync is automated and much more user friendly.
  • Brian J: You can set it up to automatically run as frequent as you prefer.
  • Brian J: NAS is space in a seperate storage array you would have to copy and send the data to when you would like to save.
  • Customer: so the network backup is nas space allocated to us, disksync uses an automated agent?
  • Brian J: Correct
  • Customer: and what does disksync require on the server, a username/password setup on ftp or ssh?
  • Brian J: Neither its a GUI agent installed on the user console
  • Customer: I’m a little lost
  • Brian J: Using a simple GUI interface, you can manage all aspects of your backup and recovery including data retention periods, backup schedules, and data restoration.
  • Customer: yes, but how does it access the server assuming I’m going to change firewall rules and services running on the server I intend to setup?
  • Customer: (I’m looking at a bare bsd/centos box)
  • Brian J: The firewall rules would have no effect on Discsync
  • Customer: how does it access the server?
  • Customer: assuming it doesn’t traverse the network (which you seem to be implying by saying the firewall rules will not effect it)
  • Brian J: Through the agent console installed on the box
  • Customer: never mind, found the information
  • Customer: you’re incorrect by the way - firewall rules would actually cause problems if they weren’t correct
  • Customer: refer to your company’s faq on http://forums.theplanet.com/index.php?showtopic=83882
  • Customer: goodbye.

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