Today’s quotes…

“I installed the Bigpond before I installed the Mcaffee so it can’t possibly be blocking it!”


“… right?”

“What comes up when you open Internet Explorer?”

“2003e, the Authentication host was unreachable.”

“… what does the blue bar across the top say?”

“Bigpond Cable Login Client ver..”

“… Is that Internet Explorer? No. It’s not. Can you open Internet Explorer for me please?”

Dear customers,

If you are 70 years old, don’t know anything about computers and are too blind to read things on the front of your modem, please get a friend to come and help you when you have issues.



Find out from someone else how to right-click, cause IVE GOT BETTER THINGS TO BE DOING WITH MY TIME.

P.S. If I’m asking you to read something, turn the lights on, or find a freakin’ torch, don’t just tell me it’s too dark and you can’t read it!