I went sailing!

So, I’m sitting in the gallery yesterday and my uncle calls me up.

Him: You’re going sailing tomorrow!

Me: I am?

Him: Yeah, a mate’s got a boat and he’s going out - I can’t go but said you would, that alright?

Me: [stunned but curious] Sure!

So, we went sailling. Pretty cool in fact, learnt how much there really is to manage to get a boat to do what you want. It’s a 31ft race boat, I’m not good with the terminology, but I helped out a bit and we ended up winning a friendly race across Jarvis Bay 🙂

The wind was playing silly buggers with us, coming from all sorts of directions, gusting, dropping to nothing and then coming on strong again - really good weather to see how different situations require different tactics to get where you want to go. All in all it was a great day, definitely better than sitting at home playing on the internet and doing random things. I got some sun, I got some new skills, and I got to meet a few cool people - all in all another great day 🙂