Road trip, day three

Ok, another one just as I typed it ๐Ÿ™‚

GPS odometer: 1355+change

Today was a relatively short day travel-wise, since I started in Goulburn and was heading for canberra - roughly 100km of driving. Nothing terribly exciting to report as far as the travel went, the Federal Highway is pretty boring. I went past Lake George which is rather empty at the moment, so it looks like a giant flat plain.

Canberra’s just like everyone said, designed for the public servants and rather boring. Looking down some of the streets makes me think of what Movie World is like without all the glitz, a manufactured town by boring people for boring people. I would say it doesn’t have personality, but it does. It’s just a really boring one. The streets are nice and wide, very well planned out and so forth, but that just makes it look more empty than it is. There weren’t many people around the place except for old people and students at the tourist places and boring corporate types in the eateries at lunch time.

I walked around parliament house, which is ratherโ€ฆ parliamentary. It’s not exciting, and anyone that says it is has to be a politics student or old. I took a few photos, just to see if I could make it un-boring, but I don’t think I achieved that, I’m just not that good.

Meeting up with Mum we stopped at a little italian place for lunch, because I was starving by then - breakfast was coffee and cigarettes. I got the Tattaglia Carbonara, a wonderful mix of bacon, mushrooms and a white wine sauce over fresh pasta - quite tasty. Caesar salad with calamari was mum’s dish, which seemed nice but the seafood didn’t taste too nice to me.

Our next stop was the Canberra Gallery, where we checked out a few different exhibitions including a celebration of 60 years of the Canberra Photographic Society. Some great shots, and a nice group of displays.

Next we went to the War Memorial, which is an impressive structure - as it should be - it’s quite amazing to see our military history. I saw one of my relatives on the giant wall of rememberance, wandered through the exhibits and even saw a photo of another one of my relatives on the Sandakan photo wall. This wall is quite saddening because it shows a photo of each person put to death in the Sandakan Prison camp.

So now I’m sitting on a couch in one of the rooms of the Crowne Casino, pondering what to have for dinner. I guess I’ll just find some nice little place and munch, then toddle around taking photos of things until I get tired ๐Ÿ™‚

As a PS to this original post, I went out and had a shitty dinner - the WORST lasagne that I’ve ever had, tasted like it was made of last week’s leftover horse meat or something. Went back to the room, hung out, then went out again to grab some stuff out of the car and locked myself out of the room - go me! ๐Ÿ˜€

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