I bought a laptop!

Finally, I bought myself a laptop. For a very long time I thought I’d buy a macbook, having some of the best features and build quality out there, but while Mum and Dad were looking for a rice cooker today they toddled over to the electronics section of Harvey Norman and got talking to the computer guy there. Toshiba have just released a new version of their A100 series laptops, with new pricing and so forth.

I was at home, and Dad called me for my opinion on one (he was looking for a new one as well) and I rendered it, saying that it was a damn good buy. I ended up going and having a look, so we bought two.

It’s an Intel Core Duo 2.0Ghz, with a 120Gb SATA HDD, 1gb Ram, Nvidia 7300 Go graphics, 15″ widescreen (1280×800) and all the other usual things (including bluetooth) So far I’ve played EVE Online with it, and done a bunch of other things and it seems to be a quite capable machine, especially since it was only $2500 including a 3 year warranty 🙂

The next test is to install linux on it - I’m not sure which distro I’m going to use - it’ll either be gentoo or ubuntu. I’ve been using ubuntu on my desktop for a while, and it “just works” … except for sound. Gentoo might get put on in that case.

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