The return of the MSN random.

Just as I was wondering what I was going to do at work tonight, Mogley decided to inspire me with his/her/it’s intellectual statements!

Mogley says: faggit

Mogley says: faggit

Mogley says: fdsaf

Mogley says: gfsdag d g dfg

yaleman says: oh, it’s you again.

Mogley says: fuck off

Mogley says: faggit

yaleman says: I believe the correct term is “faggot”

yaleman says: If you’re wishing me to go away, you could just remove me from your contact list.

yaleman says: Not to mention the fact that you actually started the conversation with me.

Mogley says: yeah i like to make fun of you ya “FAGGOT”

yaleman says: I hope it gives you much enjoyment in your day.

Mogley says: not that much just something to**** do for now faggot

yaleman says: That’s a pity.

yaleman says: But I’m pleased you have found something to do - having nothing to do can be quite boring.

Mogley says: fuck off you gay bastard

yaleman says: I thought you wanted to talk to me for something to do? And as for being a bastard, my parents were married before I was concieved, so your statement is incorrect.

Mogley says: fuck you bastard

yaleman says: Sorry, I’m booked for the week, maybe next tuesday?

yaleman says: You really should come up with some new things to say as well, it’s like listening to a boring redneck parrot.

Mogley says: ha ha ha good one faggot fucker

yaleman says: I beleive fucking a bundle of sticks would be quite uncomfortable, and I’m not a dendraphile. (You might want to look up the meaning of some of the polysyllabic words if you don’t understand what I’m saying)

Mogley says: you a fruit

yaleman says: I don’t believe that’s actually a complete sentence. Could you please try again?

Mogley says: no i cant im a redneck

yaleman says: You know, I think they have creams for those sorts of afflictions these days. Then again, some schooling tends to help as well.

Mogley says: whats school

yaleman says: It’s this wonderous place where people tell you information, and then punish you wickedly if you cannot repeat it.

Mogley says: wouldnt want to go to a place like that

yaleman says: So it seems.

Mogley has gone offline

What a pity it got so boring by the end. Hopefully this person will be able to keep me entertained for much longer in the future!

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