Getting XMMS working with MP3’s on SUSE 10.1

Download the files from - there’s other places, but there are multiple mirrors on pbone. The files are linked as part of the console commands.

Install the XMMS libraries lib-mad from the external sources…

From a console:

rpm -i mad-0.15.1B-32.1.i586.rpm
rpm -i

Or browse to where you downloaded them and use the package manager from your desktop environment. KDE allows you to right click on the .rpm file and open an install program.

Install the XMMS program files off the SUSE 10.1 Install media…

I installed from the DVD media, so it was in (when it was mounted in KDE) _/media/SU1010001/suse/i586

Via console:

rpm -i xmms-1.2.10-103.i586.rpm

Or find it via GNOME/KDE etc and install that one as above.

Once those three packages are installed, you should be able to listen to MP3’s on your SUSE 10.1 install - if something doesn’t work, please email me and I’ll post a corrected version. (remember to remove the .nospam from the end of the email address)