MSN Randoms

Boy do I love randoms, how they amuse me.

(07:41:11) Mogley: whos this

(07:41:18) yaleman: this is me

(07:41:21) yaleman: who’s this?

(07:41:27) Mogley: me

(07:41:30) Mogley: where ya from

(07:41:38) yaleman: from the internet

(07:41:52) Mogley: fruitiest answer i ever heard in my life

(07:42:04) yaleman: but it’s correct!

(07:42:10) yaleman: where are YOU from?

(07:42:15) Mogley: dont believe you

(07:42:20) Mogley: pasadena

(07:42:34) yaleman: oh, an american.

(07:42:41) Mogley: nope newfoundlaner

(07:42:58) yaleman: aah.

(07:43:09) yaleman: If you must know, I’m from Brisbane.

(07:43:19) Mogley: england?

(07:43:24) Mogley: or somewhere over there

(07:43:38) yaleman: Think the other hemisphere. Same commonwealth.

(07:43:59) Mogley: righton

(07:45:19) yaleman: now, where would we have each other’s msn from I wonder.

(07:45:38) Mogley: i think your a joke man

(07:47:38) yaleman: really?

(07:47:45) Mogley: yes really

(07:47:53) yaleman: I’m glad I added some funny-factor to someone’s life today.

(07:48:12) Mogley: not funny joke i think your whole life is a joke

(07:48:25) yaleman: I try to find the hilarity in everything, so you might be right.

(07:48:47) Mogley: i also think your a faggit

(07:49:36) Mogley logged out.

And I’d just come up with a really good response for that one, how boring. I wonder who it was? I don’t even know how they ended up on my buddy list. [email protected]/Mogley, you were fun! Let’s do this again!