Woo, Mono.

I decided that it’s time for me to grow up and learn a compiled language, so I had a look around - there were the main ones - C, C++, Java or C# - I was talking to a friend and he said to look at C# because it’s so kickass. Cross compatibility, easy RAD, lots of resources - why not? It’s everything Java was supposed to be, but didn’t end up being 🙂

As you should know by now (just look at the last couple of posts) I’m a food nut.. oh, I mean a Linux nut. The Novell-sponsored Mono project seems the way to go, since I can’t exactly code in any of Microsoft’s IDE’s while using linux now can I?

So far I’ve read a few mini-tutorials, doing the “Hello World” thing in a GUI and on the console - it seems easy enough, bringing back memories of the last time I dealt with a compiled language - C in TAFE. I’ve gotten so used to scripted languages and their laziness (especially PHP) with variable definitions, I guess it’ll take a bit of learning to get things working how they are supposed to 🙂