Updates on the job front

Well, so much for us losing our jobs at the end of August, as of a couple of days ago that’s changed to 30th of June. Damnit. That means I’m a month and a bit short of my employment anniversary, missing out on two week’s redundancy payout; not to mention a bunch of wages in the meantime. I’m hoping that I get one of the collections positions they’ve offered - there’s 15 going and they said they would prioritise by tenure and our KPI’s - which tends to help me 🙂

There’s also a position at Bigpond Customer Care at the Robina centre, doing part time customer care. It’d be less money (as will be the case in 99% of jobs I’m seeing) but it’s a job nonetheless. According to our operations manager, anyone that’s getting made redundant also gets priority as far as going for jobs in other centers as well, since they know our background etc.

If neither of those options come off, I guess I’ll be out of a job at the end of the financial year. Just as I thought I had myself all worked out, in comes that magical fuck-you-in-the-ass-yale boot from the world 🙁