Shiny shoes and a haircut :)

Well, I’ve finally gone to a hairdressers’ for the first time in about twelve months or so - not to get my hair cut short of course, just a clean-up trim and do something different. I’ll post more later, bit lazy and sneaky to mention too much 🙂

I’ve needed a new pair of shoes for a while, the 10 hole Dr. Martens I’ve been wearing for nearly 18 months are looking a little worse for wear. It seems that Australian importers don’t bring them in anymore, so I had a choice - 14 hole size 14’s that probably wouldn’t be too comfortable (not a good thing) - or a pair of 8 hole size 15’s which will be nice once they are worn in. I went with the 8 holes, setting me back $189, not bad for another 18 months or so wear, I hope 🙂

Anyway, back to playing Fallout 2 - it’s just started crashing a bit on me tonight, I hope it stops 🙁

#Adventures #shopping