Starting my poi journey

I’m a doofer, and one of the best non-music entertainment aspects of a doof is people with poi/firesticks/etc - it’s also pretty good exercise since you’re always moving 🙂

Bob bought a set of the Ultimate Performance Poi from Home of Poi the other day, so I inherited his old glowstick poi and have decided to start learning the art.

As anyone that knows me would realise, my coordination sucks. This makes getting some of even the beginner things like even getting them spinning a bit weird to start with, but I think I’m improving even after just being shown the proper technique and practising for an hour or so today. I think I’m going to have to buy myself a proper set of poi, since the glow stick ones just aren’t balanced right - they are dog chains with glow sticks on the end, and the ends are lighter than the chains, which borks them up.

#Doofage / Twirling