Engine stuff is finished… I hope.

Basically all we have to do now is put the tailshaft in and hope for the best - there’s a few little things to do on that side, like get a PCV valve and an oil catch can, and find one of the bolts for the rocker cover to make it seal up properly. I know the clutch that’s in there is a bit bodgy, so that might cause a little bit of a problem, but that’s relatively easily fixed.

It started first go yesterday morning - pumped the carby once, turned the key and it was running - after a little bit of tuning it seems to be running fine and smooth. I’m glad the exhaust manifold/system that I bought off one of the forum members is cheap and all fits together; even revving the tits off the car didn’t make an overly loud noise.

After all the work on the cooling system I realised that yes, the heater core IS pouring water out of it, so we bypassed that for now - it’ll be easy enough to replace at some stage before registration.

The next big things are to replace the floorpan in the driver’s side - it’s a bit rusted out and cracked, then put the interior back together with new carpet. I’ll probably go with the black loop pile from Knox Auto Carpets since they make a good product and have decent customer service from my experience. It’ll set me back $140 including delivery from their pricing page, but after driving the van around with the vynil floor I might actually look at pricing on that - it’s harder wearing and easier to clean 🙂

After that I’ll have to get myself a new steering rack because the passenger’s side steering arm is a bit bent. There’s a few lights that need replacing and the interior light needs to be fixed, but other than that it should be a goer.

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