The amazing Internet.

Wow, I was going through my web stats because I was bored today, and what did I find? More people trying to access something I uploaded (as far as I can tell) about this time in 2003. I posted the Playboy Photoshoot of the Brazilian Womens' Soccer Team, and took it down about three or four months' later, because I redesigned the site or something. I keep seeing people try to access it in my stats, so I thought I’d try and find it (which I did, in an age-old backup of my site) and upload it to see how many more people will access it in the future. The only thing I’ll change is an addition of a link back to the main page, so hopefully someone will come to my site for more than the boobies.

Oh, and you can still find links from forums to the content. O_o

#Funny #internet