Culburra – First day part two.

This is the second part - the first part is here

Continuing on from Stanwell Park and its beautiful sea bridge, we stopped so I could get a shot of the CoalCliff Arts Centre - Quite a nice building in the middle of nowhere.

Clifton School of Arts

Quite a few small towns later, we got to Kiama with its seaside Blowhole - such a ghostly vision I captured in burst mode.. I quite like it!

Kiama Blowhole - Ghostly Visions

I thought it was funny that these birds were “parked” in the carpark at Kiama.

Gerringong Parking - It’s for the birds!

Gerringong Cemetary, the best view for the dead! Looking across the inlet to the point is beautiful.

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Then we went on to Gerroa for fish and chips at a nice little place with a view over the water. Well worth going to - it’s the fish and chip shop on the left as you drive into town.

The next stop was the Seven Mile Vineyard, which we saw a sign on the side of the road for, and decided to have a look. A small winery, with a great owner/winemaker that we spent some time talking to about the wines, including a great little orange liquer that I have to find a recipe to use it in.

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When we got there, we saw a pair of dogs playing together, and we found out that they were Groodles, just like the one that we own. There is a slight difference, these ones were bred with fullsize poodles, whereas ours was bred with a minature. I guess that’s why they look like dogs, and he looks like a bathmat with legs.

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We finally got into Nowra and stopped for some supplies - boy is that a town full of rednecks. As we were driving out of the Woolworths carpark, I saw this.

Nowra - Big Black Car

Anyone that can identify it, email me, I’d love to know what it actually is.

Finally we got to Culburra, meeting up with my uncle at his gallery, and then going home to unpack and chill out.

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