I bought a 350D!

Ok, so I’ve been into photography for a while - never really done anything with it, just loved framing shots, taking random things, playing with what comes out etc etc. So I decided that rather than play with the point n' shoot POS that I have, I’d get a camera that’s going to let me learn how to do it properly.

After reading a lot of reviews. I went to Ted’s Camera Store and bought myself a Canon 350D with the 18-55 lens kit. I bought it in black, since the silver one looks faggy.

To put it in (with the bits and pieces I’m likely to collect) I got myself a nice Lowepro “Nova 2 AW” bag, which will fit the camera and two lenses with a bunch of other smaller stuff. Only set me back $60, and it’s well built with lots of padding and strong sides. The memory card is a Sandisk Ultra II 1GB Compact Flash card. I also got the “add two years to your warranty” thingy, just iin case it decides to kick the bucket in the meantime.

Well, I’ve taken a few photos, just to see how it works, and it has a nice feel to it. We’ll see how I go in a week when I’ve been using it more.