Intake manifold weirdness and the fuel pump is in!

Ok, so previously I’d been able to put the manifold on the head and see how the engine goes together. I haven’t actually tried to make it fit since we bolted the gearbox in. Stupid me, I went to test fit things yesterday, and realised that all was not well.

The intake manifold that everyone’s said to use through the different EFI threads on the forums and so forth, doesn’t fit. In saying that, it doesn’t fit without a bunch of modification. Ugh.

Here’s the instructions I have, I know what it all means, now all I need to do is actually get it all done. The only thing I can’t do is cut/braze the coolant line, but after talking with a mate, I think I might be able to get a coolant feed from another part of the manifold.

**Quoted from pizza’s reply on this ozgemini thread:


if it is an E1 manifold, the thermostat housing needs to be trimmed, to clear the rocker cover

the bottom of the headflange hits the block and needs to be trimmed


the ports wont line up exactly, but are very close,

there is a water hole in the head that needs to be drilled and welsh plugged,

the coolant pipe on the back of the maifold needs to be mitre cut, and brazed back on to follow the angle of the 4th runner

there is a threaded lug that hits the brakebooster and neds to be cut off

Ooh, and in other non-shit news, I finally got the carter fuel pump test-fitted, and it’s going to stay there.