Terrible sellers… sigh.

I can’t be bothered whinging too much about it now, but this fuckwit “oldholdensneverdie” who I assume is the store for American Autos took ages to fulfill my order. The “Buy It Now” was clicked and submitted on 20/12/05, I’d sent payment by the next day, including shipping. I sent a message to the seller when that was done, including the payment details. Not hearing anything by the I sent a message asking for when the item was sent, and asking for the tracking number.

03/01/06 Sent:

Hi, I was wondering if you had sent this item yet? I know that it’s the christmas period, but urgently need this item.



03/01/06 Received:


09/01/06 Sent:

Could you please supply more tracking information - as it’s listed as being sent by registered post, there should be a tracking number. Payment for this item was sent on 21/12/05, and it is now nearly three weeks later and I have not received the item. If I do not receive either the item, or full information in the next 24 hours on when the item was sent and tracking information, I will be reporting this as a fraudulent sale to eBay.


James Hodgkinson

10/01/06 Received:

ill send it through this afternoon just waiting to recieve it

10/01/06 Sent by me:

So you’re only just sending it now? Please send me a message/email as soon as it is sent with any tracking information that you have available. I need this part as soon as possible.

11/01/06 Received:

it will be there today or tomorrow

So the long and the short of it, the seller had stuff for sale that they didn’t even have in stock! I wish there was something I could do to bitch this customer out more, but eBay’s “buyer protection” only works if you don’t get the item at all. Fuckers!

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