I’m super bored… how are you all? It’s raining. Again. I’m sure that my car’s probably full of water again, and I’m just killing time until I can get my ass in gear to get ready for work. At least I’m floor manager today, that means I don’t have to do much unless it gets hellishly busy. I should go find a book to read, I’m recompiling EVERYTHING on my gentoo desktop machine so that hopefully some of the weirdness will go away.

emerge -e system; emerge -e system; emerge -e world; emerge -e world

That should take a while, I don’t know what step it’s up to, all I can see is “emerge: (171 of 614) app-text/ghostscript-esp-7.07.1-rc Compile” in the window title. It seems that I might be waiting a week or so for this to finish 🙂

#Linux #Work