Sydney tickets booked!

Ok, so my Uncle is quite a good photographer, has come out with some amazing shots at times, and is sick of building boats and navigating them all over the place. So he’s come to the conclusion that opening his own studio to exhibit and sell his photos is the way he’ll go in the future, and that’s happening on the first weekend in February. This is a seriously cool thing to me, and I, along with my parents are going to go down to Culburra - an aparrently sleepy little town on the coast near Nowra in New South Wales.

So, I’m flying to Sydney on the Thursday… at 5:30am, then we’re driving down, coming back on Monday night. Hooray for cheap tickets, it’s only costing me $182 return. My share of the hire car is $100, so that’s transport sorted. Hopefully by that time I’ll be able to save up a bit so I can go shopping in Sydney, I’ve heard there’s some nice places you can get anime and so forth for cheap 😉

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